General information

The Taxes module of the Actindo Core1 Platform allows you configure the system automatic tax feature to match your specific business requirements. You can define the specific tax classes applicable to your products, determine the different tax zones where you operate, and set up an unlimited number of tax rates, which can also be specified according to their validity period. Based on the information available in the order confirmation and the delivery note, the Taxes module provides the Order management module with the appropriate tax rate to be applied to a particular product.

This documentation refers to the Taxes module version 4.0.1. There may be differences in the UI, features and operation if your Taxes module is installed in a different version.


The Taxes module offers the following benefits:

  • Fully customizable tax function
  • Multiple tax scenarios within and outside the EU
  • Possibility to configure tax special regimes within a territory
  • Automated tax application in your invoices and order documentation


  • The Actindo DataHub module version 4.0.0 or higher is installed.
  • The UI Components plugin version 1.0.2 or higher is installed.
  • The Countries and languages plugin version 1.1.4 or higher is installed.
  • The Currency plugin version 1.0.8 or higher is installed.