General information

The Tasks module is a simple but effective tool to manage your tasks centrally. It offers an overview of all tasks created in the system and provides practical features to manage your to-do list easily. A multiple filter functionality allows you to filter the tasks by various criteria, such as assigned user or user group, task status or event, which can also be combined to narrow down your results.

It integrates seamlessly with the Process Orchestration module and supports the automatic creation of tasks based on configurable events. You can also define your own events and assign them to a responsible user or user group. Additionally, the Email module integration (plugin version 1.1.0) allows you to configure the email notifications per event every time a task is created.

This documentation refers to the Tasks module version 1.7.0. There may be differences in the UI, features and operation if your Tasks module is installed in a different version.


The Tasks module offers the following benefits:

  • Overview of all tasks, both open and closed, filterable by different criteria, such as user, status, and event
  • Management of events, such as creation of events and assignment of events to a user or a user group
  • Available Tasks-Email integration to define your email notification preferences

Further information

Refer to our Actindo Core1 Platform documentation for information on general features and functions, standard buttons, UI elements, and how to use the Actindo documentation.