General information

The Actindo Core1 Platform offers a comprehensive solution for efficient digital unified commerce. It is an API-first, head less, and cloud-native Digital Operations Platform (DOP) based on microservices. The platform enables you to digitize your eCommerce processes by easily orchestrating them, from order creation, processing of orders and payments/invoices to shipping and returns management. If necessary, you can adapt these processes and workflows to new requirements at any time.

Actindo's Digital Operations Platform streamlines and automates business processes and provides a centralized system to manage and optimize them. It offers you quick and easy integration of new business models into an existing IT landscape.
You can use the platform to orchestrate any front-end, back-end, or legacy system and use their data to accelerate workflows. It automates processes across systems, touchpoints, databases, and data warehouses. The platform combines a high degree of automation and process integration. It offers a fast time-to-market as well as enormous relief and time savings in day-to-day business.

The Actindo Core1 Platform supports your business processes, regardless of the field of application you need a solution for:

  • You have an existing legacy system in use and want to enable new business processes on top.
  • You want to replace an outdated and inflexible IT infrastructure or parts of it.
  • You are a young start-up searching for a solution that enables hyper growth.

The Actindo Core1 Platform stands for a loose coupling of modules. This is implemented by the following:

  • Although a common code base is used, the platform is highly customizable with freely selectable plugins. Any component can be replaced for a true best-of-breed approach, but it can also operate as a standalone solution.
  • You can individually adapt the dynamic data models to the specific needs of your company. You can easily adjust data streams using our ETL-Tool. The platform provides you with consistent data handling as well as established and proven logic on data. This makes possible advanced real-time reporting of any kind.
  • You can manage nearly all needed process steps in one single application. It supports the modelling, maintaining, and visualization of business processes of any complexity. The easily customizable process orchestration determines when and how certain actions are to be executed.