General information

The Actindo Cloudinary module is an integration of Cloudinary to Actindo and allows to upload images to Cloudinary via Actindo, import images from Cloudinary to Actindo, delete images in Cloudinary via Actindo and to output the Cloudinary images via their URLs in web shops or marketplaces via the ETL mapping in Actindo.

This documentation refers to Cloudinary module version 1.0.2. There may be differences in the UI, features and operation if your Cloudinary module is installed in a different version.


The Actindo Cloudinary module offers the following benefits:

  • Simple upload of media files from PIM to Cloudinary
  • Simple import of media files from Cloudinary to PIM
  • Integration of media file transformations
  • Setup of multiple connections
  • Metadata management via Actindo


  • The Actindo DataHub module version 2.7.0 or higher is installed.
  • The Global Driver Management plugin version 1.1.0 or higher is installed.