General information

BigCommerce is one of our partners in the MACH Alliance. With its API-first approach to e-commerce, BigCommerce aims to simplify e-commerce on an enterprise level.
Through the integration of BigCommerce as an Omni-Channel extension, you will be able to connect your BigCommerce store(s) and thus manage all areas of work processes of online retailing centrally and from one place.

The documentation refers to the BigCommerce Integration plugin version 1.1.0. There may be differences in the UI, features, and operation if your BigCommerce Integration plugin is installed in a different version.


The Actindo BigCommerce Integration plugin offers the following benefits:

  • Easy installation via the Actindo Core1 DOP Connector app in BigCommerce
  • Customizable connection settings for BigCommerce connection
  • Reliable data exchange between Actindo and BigCommerce


  • The Actindo DataHub module version 4.3.0 or higher is installed.
  • The ECM Integration in DataHub module version 4.3.0 or higher is installed.
  • The Omni-Channel module version 4.5.0 or higher is installed.
  • The Global Driver Management module version 4.2.0 or higher is installed.
  • The BigCommerce plugin version 1.1.0 or higher is installed.