General information

With the help of the Adyen™ payment platform, you can offer your customers all of their preferred payment methods - with the help of just one payment service provider. The integration to the Payments module gives you a complete overview of all payments made via Adyen™ from all sales channels and allows you to easily transfer them via the Payment Processing module to the Accounting module.

The payment service provider Adyen™ provides merchants with a single platform to accept payments, protect revenues, and control finances. It offers an all-in-one online payment solution built for business, which means it supports all the different ways to pay online, such as credit card, invoice, or prepayment. It integrates popular payment service providers such as Amazon Pay™, PayPal™ and many more.

This documentation refers to the Adyen™ plugin version 1.1.0. There may be differences in the user interface, features, and operation if your Adyen™ plugin is installed in a different version.


  • Integration with only one payment service provider that covers all required payment methods.
  • Connection via the Payments module.
  • Receipt of authorizations, captures, refunds, cancellations, and chargebacks via push notification from Adyen™ triggered by external sources (for example, store).

Further information

Refer to our Actindo Core1 Platform documentation for information on general features and functions, standard buttons, UI elements, and how to use the Actindo documentation.